Motor cycling as health


We all know that physical exercise is fundamental to our lives and the more we do, more fit we are and our body work better. The bicycle is one of the most complete exercises and can help us have an iron.

Various experts World Health Organization and Imperial College London, They have presented the results of the project "Pasta", in which they reveal that those who move often bike to work weigh about 4 kilos less than those who do drive.

For this study was featured 11.000 people from seven European cities, who they were consulted on the different methods of mobility for their city, the time employed in making the journey and what the means of transport used.

Among other data recorded height was, weight and behaviors when walking or when bicycling. The result is the 4 kilos less abovementioned, although researchers warn that need further studies.

They will continue 14.000 people over European cities where the bicycle It has or is taking a very important role and has become not only a method of transport but a real engine health.

Also those who move frequently ride bikes have many less likely to suffer chronic diseases as is obesity, Heart problems, some types of cancer or cardiovascular events among others.

With a simple gesture like to go back home and bike to work we can do a lot for our body and especially our health. So, you have to imagine what could be achieved if some routes on weekdays or during weekends were made with friends. Do you dare to take the bike?

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