Special services


  1. Origin service – Destination
    • If you start the camino de Santiago in a specific point and need to bring your bike to that point, or simply go perform a route and want to take your bike out, and then what you recogamos upon arrival to your destination, do not hesitate to call us, We are happy to make you the service.


  2. Camino de Santiago
    • If you are going to do the Camino de Santiago by bike, We take it you home when arrive to Santiago, hassle-free, call us or reservation service and us we collect it.


  3. Cycling
    • If you are a lover of the bike and you like to make the practice of cycling, your encargate just enjoy the journey and get to know new places, We will take care of your bike and the other material you need to transporting.


  4. Events
    • If you do any event, is of a type that is, and you have to transport all the material for this event, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, We will give you answer without commitment.


  5. Concentrations BTT
    • If you are an organizer of a MTB concentration, or simply participate in a, call us and we will take you the bike wherever you want and pick up you to take you home.