Lofoten Islands

This path 130 km from the north coast of Norway takes us to a wild landscape while beautiful, with a changing climate makes it a unique experience.

Pedaling power above the Arctic Circle makes this route something special, being able to know the small fishing villages or watch the greatest spectacle of nature such as the northern lights.

He starting point of this trip is the town of Bodo where we take a ferry to take us to the island of Moskenes. From here we will throw north, being the easiest route to the road with the help of a map and visit the villages more we draw attention. Although not have bike lanes, It is not a concern because of the limited traffic flowing through these vias.

During the crossing you will find numerous campsites and cabins that can be rented for a very affordable price.

This is a route for anyone seeking tranquility and away from the stress of big cities or who want to live an unforgettable adventure.