Passau-Vienna Danube

The route along the Danube bike Passau-Vienna It is one of the most famous in Europe. Its route of 325 km allows us to move along the two banks of the Danube. Spectacular scenery, its wonderful forests and their peoples make you fall in love from the first kilometers of the route. It is a convenient route for the whole family, because the stages are not hard and pass the places are safe and that much of the route runs along cycle paths or roads with little traffic. During the crossing of the Danube ye shall live stages from birth, growth and evolution. You'll have to take different means to move from one bank to another by boat or train which makes the experience different.

This route passes through three different countries (Germany, Austria and Hungary) but if you are a tireless cyclist or you like adventure you can expand by Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Ukraine , Slovakia and Bulgaria. The limit is up to you.