Basic Tips for buying a mountain bike


When buy a mountain bike must take into account many aspects, so it is advisable to buy at a specialty store where salespeople are professional. This way you will always have a good advice and purchase will be made in a smarter way.

The budget we quite limited when choosing a bike, thus, if we do not have much room, the best we can do is compare prices and following this, choose the one that suits our pocket.

But within the price range that barajemos, We must also pay special attention to the quality of the components, something as important as the own price cycle itself. An advice, if you want a good bike you can buy in any previous season. No new cost to be cheaper and you know it's quality.

The store where you buy the bike must provide assurance in all aspects, especially in the after-sales service. No matter whether a big or small physical store is chosen or if purchased online, You should always be done in an establishment and industry experience.

hear opinions on the store where we saw the bike that we can give us feedback and whether it is a good place to buy it or not.

Another point to consider is the driving style that we, to adapt the bike not only the style but the terrain that we are going to move. In this case also comes into play the double suspension should be demanding on our outings, for example.

The wheel diameter, brake shoes or disc, box type, changes or saddle, They are also other aspects that we must consider when buying a mountain bike.


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