What features should have saddlebags for the bike

When we go to make a bike path, as can be the Camino de Santiago, we know we must carry our personal belongings and tools, clothing parts, beverage and many other products.

If all you carry in your backpack, our backs will have to make an extra effort in addition to not have a good balance on the bike when circulemos on uneven ground.

Bicycle saddlebags, our best companions

In order to distribute the weight properly, We must acquire a saddlebag, which can be placed in the front, in the box or on the rear carrier at the rear of the bicycle.

What should we keep in mind when choosing the saddlebags?

One aspect of importance are compartments must have. With a good distribution we have perfectly organized all our material and find everything without being stirring the whole bag.

We must look for ones that are made of a synthetic material that provides a good quality strength and durability, but mostly they are raincoats, to avoid if it rains water can pass into and wet what can be stored in them.

In addition to being waterproof must be watertight, ie even if they fall saddlebags water is not among the interior, nor by zipper, thus we keep it safe everything that we carry inside.

Another point to keep in mind when purchasing a saddlebag is the latching mechanism to the bicycle, specialy to trasportín, to ensure that they will not move at any time of our route.

By last, remember that we should not overwhelm what metamos inside; we must balance the weight to shoot more comfortably without imbalances.

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