fitness to do the Camino de Santiago Cycling

Make the Camino de Santiago by bike It is a fantastic experience, especially for all those people who have never done and they want to encourage this route. It makes reporting experience is formidable because it gives time to know a little more self, live special moments and to socialize and meet people who come from all corners of the world.

But to do this route It must have certain physical background. We must be consistent and assess our state and if you still want to do the Camino de Santiago by bike you have to prepare a few months to go before conditioning the body to the effort to do.

We must remember that the Camino de Santiago by bike is accessible for any age but there's always that planning stages according to our state. If we are not in good shape, it is best to plan short stages and slow developments, which will make takes longer but also enjoy more the route.

If we have a few extra kilos, it is advisable to lower them several months before, thereby also we are acquiring physical background we will thus be able to face the stages a little longer. It is further recommended that steps be made with low weight.

When we talk about preparing we mean that we should not only make kilometers on the flat but also have to face ups and downs, to obtain gain strength and endurance enough for when the moment of truth arrives.

If you do not know how to make a good preparation, it is best to seek help from a personal trainer, who allow us to gradually acquire the optimum state for this route.

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