Why we do not all use the same seat


Although all bikes have a saddle, this is not true for everyone, whether male or female. Just as there are different bikes, the bodies are different, so a saddle for man is not usually the most appropriate for a woman, for example. What is this about?

Women have a different way pelvis than men, It is wider, making saddles for bicycles for them has to be a little wider than normal, so they can be more comfortable when making a getaway.

Experts say that the width of bicycle saddle is related to the width between the sit bones at the bottom of the pelvis. So we focus most of our weight on the bones themselves and not on what is the perineum.

The moment we see that the saddle does not have enough width or when we are forced to sit more advanced than normal, we will be increasing pressure on the perineum, which can cause drowsiness, pains and several chafing in this area.

At other times, we may have a narrow saddle and not be us well for the breadth of our Ischia, making we tend to sit rearmost way the saddle, something that can be valid, but not always because sometimes we have to reach the handlebars or stay too far back with respect to the pedal shaft undertakes.

If we get too far back pedaling may cost us more to get to the handlebars and have to use a shorter route power and lose efficiency in pedaling, which could even provoke some kind of physical problem by not pedaling in a natural way, why it is so important sELECT saddle that works best for us.

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