Postures recommended for mountain biking


Although for many people, the bicycles, whether or mountain road, although they seem equal, They have many differences, not only in their form but also its management. This time we will share with you some advice on the management of mountain bikes.

How to ride a mountain bike

For those who are accustomed to racing bikes can be remarkable change, although not complex. You must graduate bicycle in different ways, such as with the seat at a suitable height for flat land, so that putting the pedal to the lowest point and supporting the heel, You should be completely straight leg.

If there is any rise in our route with a noticeable gap, you have to raise the chair to avoid overloading the muscles to rise. In very hilly hikes we do not need us to rise saddle, only we'll take a little body back and if there is not much gap yes we can stand up and we can stretch the muscles.

If we are to make descents and the ground is dangerous, is necessary to lower the seat to have a Less serious center and have more stability. In addition, we should note that in addition to lower the chair, we will have to delay a little the body, so we get more stability and avoid thrown in case of a pronounced slump.

To end, if the route is going to do cross country what we should do is bend arms and when we are close to the obstacle will throw up strong, taking advantage of the speed that we, thus getting lift bicycle ground and must not release the handle at any time to the fall we can stay in control of the bicycle.

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