Luggage to the Camino de Santiago by bike

Mountain bike
Make the Camino de Santiago by bike It is a great alternative to spend a few days doing an activity that allow us to enjoy truly spectacular route, where nature and especially the fellowship will be two of our best allies.

If you plan to make, you might be interested to know what you carry in your luggage, whether you're going alone or with a few friends, as if instead you have thought to do Camino de Santiago by Bike in a group of several people.

If you decided to go alone or with one or two friends, It is best to use saddlebags to place on the sides of the bike and also on the handlebars. It is important not to go overweight and costing you more work both pedaling and keep control of the bicycle.

You must not forget toiletries bag, tracksuit or comfortable clothes to visit the monuments and not do with clothing cyclist, spare dumb, cotton shirts, never synthetic, a sleeping bag, a little first aid kit, a reflective vest, waterproofs, gloves and helmet, It is therefore essential.

Nor should you forget glucose gels if you get a drop pedaled, although it is normal that everyone go at their own pace, some food and water, such as two bottles on the bike to rehydrate properly until arrival at the hostel where you go to spend the night.

You also have to take both the ID card and Social Security and Credential del Peregrino, card must be requested before start to have her from the first moment.

Remember that even carry a repair kit bicycle, usually in the final stage is usually mechanics that you review the bike and will help in case of breakdown.

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