Tips for travel safely through the city


The bicycles They are one of the means of transport that are growing in cities, especially thanks to the awareness of healthy living and also to the large number of cycle paths are in many cities. Nonetheless, we must always move with maximum safety, something you will talk in this article.

Furthermore hull, we must always take to avoid any kind of blow to the head, we must not fail to take with us reflectors and lights, both front and back when overnight circulemos, trying to bring them always on for drivers to see us.

When we do circulemos always on the right side of the road and you should use a "espantacoches" pointing to the left, this striking color bar with a reflective. This serves to give the impression that bicycle takes up more space and cars drive more distance when overtaking.

If we drive down a street where there are cars parked, we must do a meter of them as it is about the distance occupying a car door when opened. One should also take into account that about 10% of major accidents of cyclists in town are due to the car door is opened just as the rider is going ahead.

Moreover, It must always be placed in a place where other drivers can see us, to avoid any kind of mishap against other drivers on the road.

But most important for maximum security is comply with all traffic rules at all times, even without skipping traffic lights, but nobody comes, in fact, the fine is the same as any other driver the fact of committing this lack.

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