Be prepared to do the Camino de Santiago by bike

For all it is known that the preparation to do anything is paramount and the same happens when you want to do Camino de Santiago by bike. We must bear in mind that there is a bike ride, despite appearances, and often we find sections that require a certain requirement. Therefore we must be prepared both physically and mentally, mechanical and technically.

The physical training It is as important as the other and make the Camino de Santiago by bike need to be in some way to deal with every day a good number of kilometers.
It is important to start training well in advance to gaining physical background because we will need, but it is also advisable that if you are not used to exercising, we go to the doctor to do a full review by us if we have any condition that prevents us make efforts.

The training should not only be on the bike, you also need to do aerobic exercises to help us get fit in the best way possible.

Mechanical preparation is also important, hence the need to a complete overhaul to cycling, much better if they make an expert. It never hurts to learn how different parts of the bike work and how to fix them if there is any fault, for that reason it is also advisable to have prepared a toolbox and basic repair kit for the Camino de Santiago by bike.

We conclude with the technical preparation, something that will be very useful in our training bike. It is advisable to join us an experienced person to advise us on how best to take a curve, how to brake properly, to advise us on what is the best body position on the bike, how and when to make changes, etc.

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