Tips to make the Camino de Santiago by bike

Make the Camino de Santiago by bike It is an experience of many that brings us this route that perform thousands of people from around the world. Make it a bike can be a good idea if you have a few days off, but you know a few things before venturing out and it will give you some tips before you start.

Camino de Santiago, tips to make cycling

As on all routes, the Camino de Santiago is important plan it and study their profiles since not all stages are equal. Note that they are 800 kilometers and an average of about 60 kilometers per stage, it may be too much for you, so you might be interested to do the last three or four stages and make them shorter. It all depends on your fitness.

The baggage you carry on bicycle must also submit a management process to try that carry a balanced weight and the comfortable pedaling without undue burden. Forget about the great pilgrim backpacks and opt for a smaller and saddlebags to the side of the bicycle.

You must remember that the people who do this route on foot, They have priority over cyclists until 20:00 hours about the hostel. The reason is because if a traveler arrives at a hostel and it is full, They will have to go to the next, that you may be about 15 kilometers, why they go first.

If you have the opportunity and time are doing well, It never hurts to study the route to know what points are a must, even if they are a few kilometers apart Route, because it will allow you to live in a different way and you will see fantastic landscapes or spectacular monuments..

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