Fixie, fashion bicycle

The bicicleta fixie, sure he has seen countless times and may have thought they are only bicycles for hipsters, but no. This kind of bicycle is so successful worldwide has a large number of different users. If you still are someone who still do not know what is, you we will explain.

The main feature of these bikes is your name, which I must say that comes from an abbreviation of the English word fixed-gear, what we know as fixed gear. And that is what is characteristic, that has only one gear and the pinion rotates integrally with the chain.

When we are moving the pedals so they will be and to stop, although they have conventional front brake many of them, what is done is not pedaling and trying to do back, although it is not as easy as it seems.

What advantages do the bike fixie?

Although they have a design that is very striking and mixing modernity with classic bikes, maintenance is quite low, since they are simpler bicycles. We will never have problems with pine nuts, diverter, the changes, etc.

The connection between man and machine is more direct because you have to be with her at all times to make it move. In addition it is a very addictive bike and fun to drive, although initially it costs a bit done with it, especially when costs are low, that usually go without pedaling. Thanks to all this, carry a fixie bike is be mounted on another world.

Once the stage of getting used to the way they carry, everything will sing and sew and certainly will become one of your best allies for next summer.

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