3 Tips to make the Camino de Santiago by bike

Make the Camino de Santiago by bike it can become a fantastic experience that anyone who wants it should unintentionally on occasion. In this post we will give you three important tips to enjoy this route to the maximum.

The way to follow

Something that should not be left to chance is to choose the route to make and here there are many options that surely can be adapted to our physical form or sense of adventure that we.

You do the French Way, the Aragonese, Primitivo, Basque, northern, Via de la Plata, the Sanabrés, the Baztanese or Portuguese among many others, so, first point to be taken into account.

The choice of the bicycle

It is another point that should be very present in this route and you have to know that at least will be a 200 O 300 kilometers multistage, so it should be a comfortable bike, as it can be a hybrid bike, since it combines the best of the road bikes and mountain.

If we have a certain class bike, we can choose the stage that best suits our bike.

The physical state

This is one of the essential aspects to get going and make a, two or all stages we want. Thus, if we are not very fit, It is highly recommended that you go a few weeks before catching some background and performing similar routes that will make, in this way we will not be hung in the first stage.

Remember, these three tips may seem too basic but that more must be aware before starting to as special as the Camino de Santiago by bike path.

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