Features wheels 29 inches


Maybe if you find yourself looking for a Mountain bike you've seen bikes with wheels 26 inches, but also 29, something that attracts attention because they are truly great, but what advantages or disadvantages they have?

Advantages of wheels 29 inches

One of the main features of such wheels is that they allow high speed as being large they have greater inertia, although it should be clear that if the side road is left and one gets by Offroad, if you do not have a good physical preparation you will quickly notice that can cost quite move the bike.

With these wheels have a large diameter, They are ideal for passing over bumps, stones, remaining, etc. provided they are not too complicated terrain, otherwise we will miss a wheels 26 inches.

Although the bikes that have these wheels can be used by people of any height, most recommended, especially because the frame geometry as the height of the wheels always be better riders exceeding the 1,75.

Disadvantages of wheels 29 inches

The disadvantages with these large wheels that have, one of the most important is the reduced maneuverability They are taking into narrow areas because they are less maneuverable.

Something very important is that cost us enough to move the bike on steep slopes and more if it is a very technical circuit. We conclude with the weight, although not much, you will notice more and can bother us if we are used to a bike 26 inches for example.

You know, before deciding on a bicycle with wheels etas, it is important that you consider both the advantages and disadvantages and therefore obres.

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