cycling routes: The road to Santiago

Like many pilgrims from around the world make their Camino de Santiago by foot, another possible way to do this is in bicycle, something that is gaining more and more followers, because it is a way to get fit but also to enjoy a fantastic natural environment and new experiences, whether we go with family or friends, as if we alone.

Make the Camino de Santiago by bike, and especially solo, It is something that will allow us to know ourselves more, enjoy every ride, know the hospitality of all the people we meet in our path and go slowly improving ourselves and overcoming the different stages that have marked us.

route-cicloturista-camino-de-santiagoAccess to the different villages that dot the different routes, It will also be another experience that we should not stop living, either know the way of life of people, delight with its food or even receive selfless help when we have a mechanical or physical problems.

The harmony and brotherhood that is breathed in a path such as the Camino de Santiago is not something we can surely find anywhere else in the world, what makes this trip to, it becomes a magical experience while special.

Depending on the route to do, If only one stage, several or even entire route, must take into account that there are areas that are not easy if you do not have a physical background, so before starting to adventure, Tempting as it may seem, must be consistent and know our limitations.

If we do not have a good bike or we are not physically fit, we can make a small path that is part of one of the stages, It will not be the same, but if you It will be a unique experience.

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