Advantages and disadvantages of electric bicycles

A few years ago the variety of bicycles It was limited to a few, tour, mountain bike and road, popularly known as "cycling", but now there are a variety of models for different disciplines, ways to move and tastes, still some that are authentic trend, as Bicicletas fixie, but are also gaining many adherents the electric bikes.

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It is increasingly common to see the streets of our city to people who go with electric bikes assisted pedaling and according to different studies, sales have been increasing in recent years, It is demonstrating that this is a trend that is here to stay.

Is about bicycles with an electric motor that is only activated when pedaling or when we requested. They do not usually exceed 25 kilometers per hour nor the 250 watt, but still are a success.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric bicycles

Among the many advantages that have this kind of bike is the pedaling assistance what we have, something that will be of great help when we have to climb a steep slope or make a long journey.

It gives us great comfort, a good way to move around the city, healthy and environmentally friendly and rapid incorporation to traffic and have a healthier life.

The points against these bikes is that they are usually much more expensive than conventional bicycles and usually weigh enough. They are more susceptible to theft, so it never hurts them and keep them safe in a garage which will increase its price. We also have to Do a periodic maintenance and replace the battery when the time comes because they are not eternal.

Even so, still currently a great success.

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