Clothing for cycling


Cycling is a sport that can implement at any time of the year, although this should go with a specific clothing. If we use in summer clothes should be cool and allows a good transpiration, the winter is not too different, although should cherish.

Cycling clothes for winter

One of the parts of the body through which heat faster when we are doing is going cycling on cold days is the head. Therefore must be protected with a good cap, but not just any but one that has specific characteristics. It should allow good breathability but do not miss the heat and much better if you are also made with a water-repellent fabric.

Another point where faster heat are going to be hands. Good gloves are essential when cycling in winter. They should be light gloves, long, comfortable and allowing transpiration.

If we want to protect the neck we can also choose a scarf scarf brief or executioner that allows perspiration and protect us well this part so sensitive to cold.

The jacket is very important, Treatment should be waterproof or water-resistant, zipper flap to keep out air, breathable technical fabric and bright colors.
Under the jacket a thermal shirt quality is also recommended, trying to avoid cotton shirts because when you sweat just soaking up and not good to have the wet leather when it's cold.

The pellet should have the same characteristics than most garments aforementioned although in this case it is preferable that rather than short lengths are ankle, and protect legs from the cold.

As for the feet, You can opt for technical winter socks under the boots or sneakers. Others prefer a neoprene boot covers, although usually it gives enough heat and sweating foot.

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