Take your bike up 1.200 euros per year

Fever bicycle mobility It is increasingly present in our cities. In some countries they even companies pay their employees an extra because they go cycling to work, It is demonstrating the awareness we have on this transport today.

There have been various studies on the good use of this medium and the savings achieved with it. all agree, cycling saves money. We forget to spend on fuel, to keep the car, pay parking, public transport, etc.

If an average is made of what is spent per month on fuel, pay parking, in unexpected breakdowns and the time spent in the car in heavy traffic, Patents are the benefits of cycling, not only for our pocket but also for our health.

Although we can find bikes of thousands of euros on the market, we do not need to be too expensive to move around the city. We can now choose from a variety of proposals that will adapt to what we need.

We can find certain quality from the 300 approximately EUR, but to travel with a good bike prices we can find are among the 600 and the 1000 euros. No need to spend so much if the only use we will give you is to move around the city.

In a very short time we will use and amortized and from that moment we will be saving money and gaining health. We could even save money from going to the gym, especially in the spring and summer months since the good weather invites more to leave home and exercising outdoors.

Do you sign up to the trend of mobility on the bike?


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