The high price of new bicycles and the increasing number of people who bet on the bicycle as transportation makes bicycle theft is a business for foreign friends.

How can we prevent steal our bike? Thieves know how to do their “work”, but we can bring them much more difficult things.

Follow're tips:

Use a quality lock properly: If we are urban cyclists or, for any reason be, we have to leave the bike 'parked’ on the street, It is best to use a quality lock. The safety of our frame depends on the structure where we let Candada, the quality of the lock itself and, Of course, the way the candemos. The best option is to choose a well anchored to the ground solid structure that can not stand up or move; good quality padlock, preferably made with materials antitheft; and candar box and at least one wheel of the bicycle, highest possible soil.


The night, the best choice for a thief: Darkness is the greatest ally of any thief; to low visibility, ease of theft. We must avoid leaving our bike alone and helpless in the middle of the night. The rule is very simple: When the sun sets, the bike home.


Competitions and routes, bicycles always visible: Many are professional bicycle theft have seen in competitions, sporting events and even bars frequented by cyclists the perfect place to commit their crimes. Whenever you participate in a competition, race or cycling event, or whenever we stop with fellow grupeta shift at the bar for the obligatory snacks, Bicycles must be placed in our visible field to avoid any surprises.

Save the invoice and register the bike: The first and mandatory step for all cyclists is to keep the purchase invoice of a bicycle, where appropriate, to demonstrate membership. Another important step, as far as possible, It is to record the same. Many manufacturers allow registration online via bicycle to issues of guarantees and other necessities, as well as the municipalities of a number of populations.


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