La DGT, willing to stop the "bleeding" of cyclists killed on the road

The General direction of traffic studying measures against recidivists get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol and drugs, in order to stop the "bleeding" of cyclists overwhelmed by such drivers during weekends.

So he has advanced the CEO of Traffic, Gregorio Serrano, in the Committee on Road Safety Congress which detailed the actions envisaged in the DGT and some of the most immediate challenges.
Among them, has said that next Tuesday will meet character "urgent" the Committee for Road Safety, chaired by him, and the participating controls the Traffic Civil Guard, to approve a special plan of protection and safety for cyclists.

Although it has not offered many details of that plan, Traffic director has made it clear that at that meeting the "growing problem of accidents involving cyclists' will be analyzed.

"It is intolerable that the number of cyclists every weekend dies. We are not willing to have people leaving your bike can not return home alive ', Serrano has emphasized, before pointing to more surveillance and other measures against drivers who relapse into alcohol and drugs will be launched.

The announcement of this plan protection for cyclists coincides with the tragic death two cyclists last Sunday in Valencia road, wherein a conductive 28 years, who tested positive for alcohol and drugs and already had a history, He rolled his car to a squad.

Serrano has recognized that "they will not prevent" death of cyclists, but it has opted to take "the necessary measures" to try to stop them.

A vulnerable group that will target a state plan in the drafting and working group of experts from different areas of the world of cycling.

During his speech the director of Traffic it has also detailed other measures already in force, signaling 49 safe cycling routes, with an investment of 200.000 euros, in addition to those already 56 routes previously indicated.

Of the twenty people who died in traffic accidents recorded on Spanish roads at Easter, four of them were cyclists (one went without a helmet), three more than in 2016.


source:the voice of Galicia.


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