crosswinds, the enemy of cyclists

Those who are accustomed to go cycling road They know how difficult it can be sometimes to maintain the balance when there are strong crosswinds. Also we must also take into account the danger that exists when trucks pass very close to us at a certain speed.

This is something that must fijaros all those who are just starting to get serious road. Knowing how to react correctly when they appear crosswinds can save you an accident.

Go through an area where predominate Strong crosswinds or have a large truck traffic can be a handicap for even the most experienced cyclists because you have to be calm, hold the handle well and try to keep the balance.

Bicycle precautions against side winds

When we are on the road with bicycle and into an area where there side or gusty winds, the best we can do is reduce our speed, with this avoid losing stability and finish on the floor.

If a truck passes near us at speed, its mass can function as a magnet, that is to say, draw us to him. In these cases, what we do is firmly secure the handlebars and tilt your body slightly in the opposite direction to position the truck while reducing speed.

Normally, this usually happens on roads that do not have too hard shoulder where we can move comfortably, hence the need to take extra precautions at all times to not to fall.

Remember that when you go out with your road bike should always go away from traffic as possible and when crosswinds are lifted keep alert. A fall on the road is never good, especially if it does not have much berm, which can compromise our integrity.

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