Advantages and disadvantages of folding bicycles

The folding bicycles They are a trend now worldwide and is a kind of vehicle that has both advantages and disadvantages. The truth is that one of the main advantages is that you are comfortable and practical, They can be transported in a very easy way, as it happens when saving.

They are a great alternative for those who usually circulate mainly city and prefer cycling to work or study center, something that has become a trend increasingly present in our cities.

In addition to the daily, They are a great option for holiday llevárnoslas because thanks to that small size they are when folded, let us take them in the car and enjoy long cycling routes once we are on target.

They are very versatile bikes, they weigh little, They provide ample room for maneuver, have a fully adjustable seat and all parties usually have conventional bicycles, even changes.

As it has advantages, also it has drawbacks that we must consider if we plan to buy a bike of this class. One of the negatives is your structure since when folding not have the same strength that can be found in any other kind of bicycle.

Although the designs have been improving slowly over time and nowadays they are more robust, we must bear in mind that this is ride bikes and which do not go jumping curbs, skidding, etc.

His form does not allow us to have a correct posture to move them, so they are only recommended for short trips like going to work or study center, for example. To this we must add that feature a reduced capacity.

Now you know what the pros and cons of these bikes are. Do you the you buy?

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