TrackR Bravo, locates your bike at any time

We all know that the bicycles may be a temptation for foreign friends and we must be very careful when parked on the street. We also know that there is no foolproof lock that can prevent theft, but there are devices that help us to not steal us, as Bravo Trackr.

Increases the safety of your bike with this device

It's about a Bicycle locator low cost will allow us to know at all times if the bicycle is where we left it or not. For this device to work is only necessary that links to a smartphone, regardless of whether your operating system is iOS or Android.

The size of this gadget is very small and go unnoticed for all thieves, allowing us to place anywhere and be completely concealed. It is as if a sticker, with a diameter of 31 mm and a thickness of 3,5.

Allows different configuration options and security. For example, We alert us if we are near or far from the bike and also give us through sounds if we are away from mobile phone. In addition, in the moment when the bicycle given distance separates us alert us, the same as if someone moves.

This is a great gadget that will allow our bike is more secure at all times. It is ideal for all those people which they are customarily used much the bike every day to get around the city and must leave parked on the street often.

It may not be the most foolproof system not steal our bikes when we have to leave the street for a while but we help the most secure at all times.

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