Tips for night riding bicycle

Although today, bicycle riding day is most common, some people for their time or just because they like more, They prefer to do it at night. This requires a number of steps to move more safely not only at night but also in low visibility conditions must be taken into account.

It is important equip quality bike lights. This section should not seek savings, no matter if we pay a little more, safety is paramount. So you have to have lights that look at least some 200 meters.

In the market there are many options to choose from, placing both on the front and rear. The front light must be white and red intensity and rear, which can be fixed or flashing to warn drivers who come after us that we are on the road.

Before every ride we must ensure that the batteries are charged, to avoid last minute surprises and we run full circulation lighting. If we have scheduled an output, It never hurts to charge the batteries the day before, They load quickly and have a good autonomy.

When riding a bicycle at night not only we have to take a good set of lights but we must also have reflective, both on the bike and our clothes.

We can carry a reflective vest as we have in the car as well as bracelets or anklets strips. Furthermore it is also possible to place reflective bands in tires and in the hull or in different areas of the bicycle, which greatly increase our visibility when circulemos night with bicycle.

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