Tips Camino de Santiago by bike

He Camino de Santiago it has become a great alternative to enjoy a good route through different landscapes and an atmosphere of camaraderie among pilgrims, what it makes it something we should consider if we want to make a different route.

Camino de Santiago, What we must remember?

Although the Camino de Santiago may seem one, the truth is that there are different routes. So you have to have to plan in advance what we choose, since some are more demanding than others.

The most popular is the French Way, which runs from the town of Roncesvalles to Santiago de Compostela. Besides it, we can choose the Camino Primitivo, the North, the Basque, valley, Catalan, English, Portuguese, Primitivo, Sanabrés or the longest of all, Via de la Plata route among others.

Besides knowing what route do, it is important to have a map or GPS to help us orient ourselves correctly. Note that for all routes no relevant signaling, which will allow us to reach the end of each stage without too much trouble.

To make your pilgrimage route to Santiago is complete you need what is known as Credential del Peregrino, which will give permission for the use of shelters, where we put the seal and it is shown that we have been there. This credential is achieved in the same place where the route begins or at the Association of Friends of the Camino de Santiago.

This is important because when you get to Santiago de Compostela have to present credentials at the Casa del Deán, next to the Cathedral of Santiago, where you will receive Compostela, the certificate attesting that have made the path to full.

If you want a route with fantastic scenery, the best atmosphere of camaraderie and maybe the chance to find yourself, The Camino de Santiago is waiting. Do you dare to make it?

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