Road bike types according to the table


When we want buy a road bike we must take into account different parameters such as size, because they are not all equal, But besides that, you also need to know what kind of picture we need as the use we are going to give the bike.

Normally what we usually do is buy a bicycle that has a picture that demonstrates all kinds of tasks, although depending on our experience on two wheels we can opt for a style of painting or other.

Common road bike frames

He aero It is one of the most striking paintings models because it has a fairly aggressive lines. This kind of bikes are designed above all to have a great aerodynamics and very fast, but in this case the comfort and pedaling position is sacrificed.

the of scaler They are more comfortable and are usually polyvalent. They stand out as being rigid but light enough tables and be maybe a little more uncomfortable in the flat or uneven terrain (such as the cobblestones in a big city). Although it is one of the most common tables among cyclists.

Finally we are left with the comfort pictures, also known as great background, perhaps one of the most popular currently on the market. These pictures are not designed for sprints that require high demands or even to excel in mountain tours or have steep.

Son very comfortable because they allow a relaxed position while pedaling, They have thicker tubes and reinforcement to make them more robust. These are pictures that are of the most chosen among non-professionals amateurs because they provide specific features without being too demanding, They have a good price and the results are usually pretty good.

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