Technology in the Camino de Santiago

Make the Camino de Santiago Cycling It is a perfect excuse to spend a few days doing something different, a proposal for which surely live the most of every second and that we will want to remember.

To this we must be prepared, not only physically but also carry the luggage necessary, choose the right bike and also choose how to immortalize these moments that we spend so formidable.

Taking advantage of the technology we have at our disposal, We can not miss the opportunity to take along a sports camera. There are very cheap and we can record audio and video moments in HD quality to remember later.

Although we can put a helmet camera, the best thing is place it on the handlebars to have a much better view and more stable. It is also advisable to weigh a housing that does not affect the water if it rains.

If we opted for this kind of cameras, we must also carry a charger and two or three storage cards so that we have room for all.

We can also opt for a digital camera or the same mobile phone, provided you have a quality camera, thereby we save us from having to carry too many gadgets to save data, charge the device, etc.

Opting for mobile will have the advantage of having access to the Internet through our data rate, if we need to find the way to somewhere on this route, to send photos and videos to our family and friends and all the benefits offered by a mobile device with Internet access, as a GPS for example.

Remember, although the gadgets are important are not essential and it is important not to overload the backpack. What gadget would you take lime Camino de Santiago?

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