Get on your bike to make the Camino de Santiago

We are in a great time to do the Camino de Santiago by bike. The weather is not too cold and has not reached the rainy season, so circular bicycle down the road is much more comfortable.

If you have not enjoyed this beautiful route possibly you will have done any questions related like how many kilometers should be made a day, what are the different routes, if there are workshops on the road, etc. In this post I we solve.

Prepare your bike route Camino de Santiago

Although we all know that is usually done on foot, Cycling is another way of carrying out this route. I must say that the stages and routes do not have to be the same as if you are on foot. What is officially set are the towns through which one must pass.

In some sections, the bicycle can take different paths, so it is important that before each stage we prepare well and know what are the places where you have to go, considering that each stage cycling is between 50 Y 60 daily kilometers.

No need to worry about how to take your bike to the start of the Camino de Santiago, today you can find very special alternatives that do not have to worry about being on time, it will do and in the best conditions.

In the main centers of population which is passed they will find workshops to repair the bike in case we have a serious fault with our kit we can not afford.

Another point to consider is that in many hostels find special areas to leave our bike which they provide good security for us not stolen. Before booking is convenient to call to make.

And now that you know this information ... do you dare to do the Camino de Santiago by bike?

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