See Sense ICON, Bicycle lighting

All we know the bike move importance of go well marked when night falls or when there is good visibility. The lighting for the bicycle is one of our best allies and today we have a large number of alternatives, See for example Sense ICON.

Between us and takes time but not too long ago they have released a new version that connects to an app for any kind of smartphone, regardless of whether you have iOS or Android operating system.

We can buy either version of frontal focus as backlight or both at once. They are very robust devices that resist shock and water. Thus, They will become our indispensable companions in our bike.

Despite not having a great size it is necessary to emphasize the great power that have both foci. The basic version of this Bicycle lighting has 320 lumens in the front focus and 190 at the rear.

The Plus version increases 420 Y 250 lumens respectively, thus we will ensure high visibility, especially in the front because it is powerful enough to illuminate a few meters ahead of us.

The rear lights allow drivers to know that there is a cyclist ahead of them in a situation of low visibility or when it is dark night, for example.

In addition to the main function as lighting for bicycle, See Sense ICON with the ability to display information about the weather conditions of the route in which we highlighted.

Definitely, it is a wise investment because you should never haggle on security issues especially in a vehicle such as cycling.

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