Which can impose sanctions on the bike


We all know that sometimes it is too difficult driving our bike for our city, especially since there are many drivers for cyclists nonexistent happend. However when we go down the road we are a vehicle and must comply with traffic regulations.

If you are someone who thinks cycling relieve you of that fulfillment, we'll refresh your memory which can impose sanctions if you do not respect the traffic regulations.

For example, if the vertical signals are not respected as they can be a stop or traffic lights, the penalty ranges from 120 until the 200 euros. If you do not respect a sign prohibited direction and circulate in the opposite direction, it gets uglier because in addition to the sanction of the vertical signal must be added a fine of 150 Y 500 euros to go in the opposite direction.

The circulation of bicycles must be done either by road or bike path prepared for that purpose. If driving on places reserved for pedestrians can carry a fine of 60 euros or up 10.000 if run over someone.

Safety is important is the vehicle to relocate, therefore the failure to use the helmet can rise to the 200 euros and 190 if we go with headphones, since not only we would jeopardize our integrity but the rest of the drivers.

If drunk cycling should be noted that the authorities can make us a breathalyser test and if it exceeds the limits, the "joke" can reach 500 euros, the same amount if the authorities detect us performing dangerous maneuvers on the bike as a wheelie or horse.

Remember, It is your responsibility to properly take your bike, not only for economic sanctions but because you can endanger your health and most people.

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