Recommendations for cycling after a route


When we got home after to make our bike route, either road or mountain, we make a review and clean and it ready for the next exit, but ... what are the next steps?

We should note that during a route, the bicycle will have been exposed to dust, mud and other debris, but also shock and a remarkable mechanical stress. Why not just have to clean it but pay special attention to its mechanical.

The first thing to do is wash the bike, if you can be with a hose, but it is not pressurized, this is only recommended only for covers, descaling the remains of mud and stones that may be among the wheel studs.

We must inspect the o binding the whole bike and check that there is no rift that could endanger the structural integrity of the bicycle. We must also take a look at the tires to see if they have any cracks or cut. As the wheel is also recommended check radii, the rims and hubs, making sure they are properly.

Must check the axis of rotation Pedal, the bottom bracket and check that the chain is correctly and changes, to be done in a smooth manner, without abruptness. We must also test the brakes, making sure that they have remained in good condition, both the brake pads and cables, that everything works correctly.

To end, and when we are sure that all is well, secaremos bicycle eliminating any excess water that may have and proceed oiling with a special oil for bicycle, focusing on the chain, change and mainly diverter. Now you're ready to go back to map.

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