What to consider when buying a folding bike

folding bicycle

The proliferation of bicycle lanes in cities has made not only the riders but those who opt for mobility in the city, take to the streets with their bicycles. In the ecosystem of the two wheels and pedals are all, from bikes to ride up or folding bikes Fixies, of which we will discuss in this article.

Due to its characteristics and comfort, a folding bicycle It has become one of the proposals more to consider to move around the city faster and more comfortable. If you like, we'll give a few tips to buy a bike of this style.

Council before buying a folding bike

It is important to be clear about what we want, if it is to use every day to go to work or to stroll around town occasionally, something that will be related to the price we can spend on the purchase of one.

He budget It should also be another aspect to consider and should not think that because it is small bicycles so is its price. The best have prices starting from 290/300 Euro onwards.

Before buying, to do as with most things, Look for reviews from other users, expert advice and purchase prices, not to pay more for the same model, there will always be a store that has cheaper.

We must ensure that the manufacturing materials and their welds are correct and are of good quality, allowing us to enjoy it longer. The last issue to consider should be the Wheel Size, when they had different inches.

A bicycle with wheels 16 inch it will serve to move smoothly on the asphalt of the city, not too fast, but you can also opt for wheels 20 inches, that apply to most or and of 24 O 26 inches, with which we will have no problem in almost any terrain.

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