You have to consider when buying a folding bike

The bicycle It is positioning itself as one of the best alternatives for urban mobility in large cities, something we can see right out to the street. Many people choose to go to work by bicycle, even with a folding bicycle.

If you want to join this trend and would like to make a folding bike, we invite you to continue reading because you're going to give a series of very important tips.

Folding bicycle, before we buy ...

An important aspect that we must consider is to control the weight of it, something which depends on the material they are made. Keep in mind that a folding bike can weigh more than a compact, something that can affect transportability.

To this must be added the size, because anyone who wants a bike of these features will want to be manageable, although not much and have a relatively small size. Thus, when we go to buy we must ask the buyer to teach us completely folded or see the references that gives us the manufacturer, where we will find the exact measurements.

The form of folding must also be taken into account, so we have to see that it is a secure system, Quick, stable and does not cost too much work or fold or unfold. In the shop we will have to try.

The small size should not be misleading as there are different sizes in terms of folding bicycles. Not all are equal and remember that if you're too big, your weight can make you end up breaking welds. Ask for advice from the seller and never buy one that is not your size.

Other important aspects you should consider are the size of the wheels and gearshift. It depends on the lot of pedaling you have to take to move.

Finally the price is one of the most important aspects and remember that sometimes cheap is expensive. It is always better to spend a little more money and buy a folding bike a quality not last us a season.

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