What to do before and after a mountain bike route

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Summer is the ideal time to enjoy mountain biking, both alone and in company, but both before and after we do a number of things to begin and end in the best way possible.

The first thing to do before departure is to check that the bike is in good condition, chain, brakes, handlebar clearance, wheel, changes, etc. Yes you can, It should also be checked that the wheels have a correct pressure.

Before leaving, you also have to carry with us a small tool kit to resolve a fault. In the market there are sets of keys Allen, screwdrivers, chain tool and everything you need to fix simple faults. To fix punctures it never hurts to take patches, special glue and a camera replacement if possible.

When we get home it is important clean the bike, removing the mud and dust that will surely have accumulated throughout the bike, especially those most difficult to reach. With a damp cloth or sponge we can leave it in perfect condition.

If the mud is too, it never hurts to throw water with a hose, whenever pressurized water is not. This way you can better remove the mud that may remain embedded in the wheels, radios, chain, changes, pinions, etc.

Then we will dry well and apply a little oil to both the chain and the sprockets; in this way we will leave prepared for an upcoming exit.

Nor should you forget to stretch after physical exertion. Contrary to what many people make only performed before, it is best to do so after making the route. In this way we will be helping to reduce injuries, sore muscles or muscle fatigue.

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