What bike choose to do the Camino de Santiago?


If you for your next vacation the proposed do the Camino de Santiago by bike or some of its stages, you must choose a bike that fits this route, but ... what it is the most recommended?

You may already have yours and her're used to or accustomed to move and it will not cost too much work, but if you go to purchase a, It may interest you the advice you're going to give.

Road bike, hybrid or mountain, are the three predominant styles among those who want to do this route on two wheels. Each has its main characteristics and must weigh what is best for us, but we must bear in mind that the Camino de Santiago is not a test of speed or endurance, therefore we must be comfortable and go apace, although you can stop at any time.

Mountain bike

The mountain bike can go down the same path as any of the other two kinds of bicycle, but with the advantage of being able to move without problem more difficult terrain than a paved road. They can better carry weight because they are the most robust, but also they tend to be the heaviest.

Road bike

With a road bike path is quite comfortable, especially if the entire route is by road. We must seek to enable them adaptársele saddlebags or rear carrier, stands for bottles and a small toolbox to solve a mechanical problem that might arise.

hybrid bicycle

Hybrid bikes are a mixture of road bike and mountain, It is perhaps the most comfortable of the three, given that blends the characteristics of both.

Virtually all bicycles are valid for the Camino de Santiago but must take into account the dates to be done, because you can not always do in summer and remember that in the north of Spain, there are many rainfall outside the summer season and it can get pretty cold.

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