Protect your bike with Skunk Lock


Maybe you do not has never happened, but many people have stolen bicycle on occasion. Inadvertently or because the security system was not adequate, but that is a risk to all who have a bicycle we are exposed. Skunk lock can make thieves do not just steal the bicycle but go to try it spewing.

What's Skunk lock?

This is a device that will help us avoid being robbed bicycle. Is a padlock special that has the ability to emit a strong odor thanks to spray with counting and produces vomiting whoever tries to break. At least so said Daniel Idzkowski, one of its inventors.

One of the major problems we face bicycle users is that if we want to protect the most with a padlock, it may be quite expensive. In addition, if the thief takes the right tools, It can burst almost any lock in a matter of minutes.
This is a lock made of steel and carbon U-shaped and inside has a hollow chamber to maintain one of the three gases under pressure.

In the time it is cut around a 30% lock, the gas exits in the direction of the cut and is so powerful that makes vomit almost immediately thieves and even cause them trouble breathing.

It is very similar to what happens with the known pepper spray, but best of all is that adheres to the skin and to clothing, so the thief will seek to escape the threat as soon as possible and bicycle.

The chemistry of this gas is permitted and is completely legal, fulfilling any kind of rules, both the United States and the European Community.

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