Get ready for the Camino de Santiago by bike

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If you want to enjoy a different summer, make the Camino de Santiago bike can be one of the best options for both solo and with friends. If you dare, you should know that the best months in which to do this with your bike route is between the months of May and September, so there is time to prepare an entire route or some of its final stages.

To make this route you should bear in mind the kind of bike that you use Although there are many different models, not all serve for this purpose. For example, a bike ride, good it is, It is not recommended or fixie for obvious reasons.

No matter which route you choose, all have ups and downs and not all will have the best state , thus, the most recommended is a mountain bike, to which we must give a good tune-in depth, revising everything and changing it if necessary, especially covers, radios, axes, brakes and gears.

Regarding the baggage that we carry with us, it is advisable not go too loaded and not to force back with a backpack, what we can do is put saddlebags on either side of the bicycle, thus have better stability and comfort when rolling.

If we are heavily laden with baggage, we can always put a bag on the handlebars, but here we must keep what occupies less space and less despite, because it could hinder the way of driving.

To end, Another point to note about our bike is that we put a saddle silicone or a special case since we spend many hours on it and discomfort that can lead a normal saddle will make it very difficult to make an entire route.

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