Mentally prepare for a route

Mental preparation-in-bike-routes
We all know the existence of sport psychology and that is something we should use to prepare for a route as may be the Camino de Santiago. Although it can be done at any stage we want, yes we have some mental preparation to not falter though parts of the harsh route.

mental preparation, key to good bike path

As in any other time, when we are on the bike it is impossible not to think or feel emotions and sometimes even can control both, any negative thoughts can negatively influence our emotions and make us tougher route.

Sometimes we can control the thoughts and emotions but probably at other times we will not know how to continue, why it is so important to the most appropriate psychological training and strategies to control thoughts and emotions, because also they peddle us.

For good mental preparation for the Camino de Santiago bicycle planning stages is important, always according to our physical capabilities. Therefore we must be honest with ourselves and be consistent with planning, do not obsess stages or as soon as possible to reach Santiago de Compostela.

Since we do not need to go to mental pressure, the best thing is go taking it easy and making many stops as deem appropriate, no pressure, enjoying the scenery, monuments and everything gradually we encounter during our route.

Another question we must bear in mind is that the Camino de Santiago is not a competition and we should not go to a higher rate we can go, why mental preparation will help us better manage our energy on the bike and go comfortably on our bike path.

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