economic planning to do the Camino de Santiago by bike

Summer came and with it more time and certainly deserved more than a vacation where you can make the most of our time and do what we like or try things new, for example, do the Camino de Santiago by bike.

As in all kinds of travel, it is important to have good economic planning to add up all the figures and we do not bear us any surprise expenses or unforeseen last minute.

For this you have three distinct options: the pilgrimage high, medium and low cost. It depends on your possibilities, although many people, having a good budget prefer to make low cost, perhaps this atmosphere of hospitality and camaraderie that permeates all hostels, something that is part of an experience like this.

For example, The most basic option is involved based food products purchased from stores, sleeping in hostels and forget about any kind of luxury. In this case the price is usually around a 25 euros per day.

If you prefer to do it by spending a little more, also hospedarás you in shelters, but with breakfast and dinner and menus in restaurants. The average price can range from 35 and the 40 euros per day.

To end, if you prefer to do it "luxury", hosting is done in hostels or in private shelters, with breakfast, lunch and dinner in bars and restaurants and all this raises the price per day about 50 O 60 euros, depending on the population.

It is in your power to choose what kind of choice is the one that best suits your tastes or your pocket, although we always recommend the most basic by contact with people, They are arriving from all corners of the world and make this a very enriching experience.

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