What is a biomechanical study in a cyclist?

Cycling is a sport in which many people want to take care of all aspects, especially people who have a great experience on the pedals or are competing cyclists. In many cases biomechanical studies performed, but ... what good?

Let's start on the basis that cycling is very beneficial for our body and we reported a strengthening of the musculature, improves our cardiovascular system, respiratory system, motor coordination, etc. If cycling is not performed properly, with the passage of time could reach injury or muscle problems appear, something that can be prevented from the outset realizándonos a biomechanical study.

With that, what is achieved is to recognize all those metrics that are not suitable for the body's needs and seeks re-educate the rider's position with the main objective of prevent injury that may compromise the physical safety of any kind of corridor, especially in relation to bones, muscles and joints.

This kind of study should be performed by a qualified professional and experienced athlete, thus we will ensure the best results for anyone to go cycling in the most correct way possible, regardless of age.

First a full review of the history of cycling is performed, knowing what kind of practice cycling and then performed the biomechanical analysis to know what the real limitations of the cyclist and also find out what zone the discomfort you might have.

Also you can make all the corrections that the physician deems necessary, all with the goal of making anyone you can ride a bike with maximum safety, knowing that he is doing well and is not adopting any position or hobby that could be harmful.

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