OutBraker, ABS system for bicycles

Today we have at our disposal a large number of different kinds of bikes and also many different accessories such as that recently has been submitted and will equip your bike with a much more effective braking. Its about OutBraker, an original braking system ABS.

He comes from the hand of the firm Akroyalis and is designed to optimize the braking force by bicycle hydraulic disc brakes, getting a lot more security in case of an unexpected braking.

How does OutBraker?

What you need to do is install this device on the front brake and then adjust the oil pressure, which can range from 0 al 100%, allowing braking adapt to our taste, but above all safe maximum, as it happens with ABS braking systems in cars.

The OutBraker is made of aluminum, It has a weight of just 40 grams and is compatible with bikes that have hydraulic brakes. He's also supervised the factory several times to provide the best results, even the most demanding users.

Another noteworthy point is that OutBraker offers a fantastic response when braking, especially when an emergency braking occurs, something that makes in walking distance and very safely.

It serves equally for beginners and for more experienced, who recognize the effectiveness of this new system so compact that it is reduced to some measures 60 x 15 x 24 mm but nevertheless it provides the best results you can find on the market.

Now you know, if you are looking for maximum braking effectiveness on your bike, so it could happen, here you have a formidable ally for your bike breaks.

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