Safety measures for cycling

Circular cycling It is one of the most convenient ways, healthy and environmentally friendly than we currently although because of its character, the bicycle is one of the means of transport which is more exposed to accidents. For that reason we will share with you what they are security measures we should not ignore when we move bike.

Safety measures for bicycle

The helmet should be one of our best made, however little we like to put it. According to different studies it revealed that the use of helmets can reduce up to 85% health problems carried by a blow to the head. In this case the helmet used must be approved and stay well adjusted.

In addition to the helmet must be worn rode lights if cycling at night, a front light and a rear red, which can be fixed or flashing, to indicate that we are circulating and we can see drivers. In addition to this measure, it is advisable to put a reflective vest for greater visibility when not too light.

It is important a periodic review to cycling, especially if we are going to make a long route, checking state of the frame structure, whether they are worn covers, if the radios are in good condition, and the address, the breaks, pedals, saddle height and handlebar, etc.

In addition to everything related to the mechanics of the bike we can not forget the common sense and respect for traffic rules as always go the right lane in single file when there is not enough hard shoulder, pay attention to traffic, observe all traffic signs, be careful with the state of the road and whenever we can, use bike lanes.

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