The best tires for your bike

Choosing tires for our mountain bike It must be related to the time of year and where usually we normally circular bicycle. Thus, we will recommend some of them so you can find one that fits what you need.

Classes tire for your bike

Within the wide range of tires for mountain biking we can choose between widths or thin. The first provide great comfort and grip, but they make the bike weighs more.

Instead, the thin also they have a good grip and bring lightness but not so much have tread and are not as stable. In addition on hard ground do not roll too well and you have to make an extra effort to roll with them.

The tires having a drawing means They have a great grip on hard ground. However they circulate well in all fields, versatility makes them of the most preferred in terms of competitions especially.

The point against having this kind of tire is usually pretty bad in areas where there are stones or mud, because circulate with bicycle in these areas impracticable.

To end, I will remember one of the most outstanding tires for its versatility, known as polyvalent. They are specifically designed to roll over any terrain and also to shoot in any season.

These tires are ideal for beginners or for those who getaways ranging from asphalt to mountain areas thanks to this versatility.

Now you know, with this simple guide and you'll have a little feedback on what are the main features of the most recommended tires for each location, way of shooting and comfort.

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