The best advantages of recumbents

Cycling is a sport that is becoming more and more followers, not only because of the many benefits of such aerobic exercise like this but because we can find many different models of bicycles as the recumbent bikes O recumbents.

Advantages of recumbent bikes

This kind of bikes are much more comfortable because the body weight is distributed better in the structure. Stand because neither arms, back, shoulders, rear area, elbows or wrists suffer as much as in conventional bicycles.

In addition, the position is taken into recumbent bikes pedaling makes pass less heat in summer and less cold in winter, something that invites you to pedal at any time.

Having a different position to those of conventional bicycles, visibility is greater, where it gets a more natural perspective, without having to force posture.

Since behave in a reclined position and close to the ground, he center of gravity is lower, which provides greater stability and falls, at least in principle, They may be less serious than in conventional bicycles.

There are very poco risk of capsizing forward and cornering can keep pedaling without fear that the pedals give the ground and can provoke a fall.

Recumbent bikes are more aerodynamic and fast since thanks to the position of the cyclist can pedal harder and get more speed than conventional, both plain and downhills.

To end, and especially if you like to travel with bicycle, you should know that They can carry more luggage, both sides of the bicycle as under the seat, so you can go on any trip equipped.


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