The strangest bikes in the world

Various sources, the number of bicycles manufactured since 1950 It has increased almost fivefold, something that has not happened equally with other vehicles like cars. This makes clear that bicycles are a trend for a long time.

Today we find many different models, town (as we rented), tour, mountain bike, cyclist or the electric bike for example, but there are many others that are truly amazing and that is what we will treat this entry.

3 bicycles with a stunning design

cyknoThe first of our bikes is the electric Cykno Engeenius, a creation made in Italy that leaves no one indifferent. It features monocoque frame, the front forks and radial wheels 26 inch are made of carbon fiber.

It stands out as having a central section covered in leather and can choose their electric motor, between the 250 or 500 watt, lithium polymer batteries and a charger on board accompanied by a cable that takes about four hours to full charge and provides a range of up 60 kilometers.

The central section is covered in leather, and it contains an electric motor 250 O 500 watt, a battery pack lithium polymer battery and charger on board with its cable. A full charge from a standard household outlet takes four hours, and allows almost autonomíade 60 kilometers.

greenchamp-bikeThe Original GreenChamp is a curious balance bike model, which is the same, it has no pedals and is propelled with the feet on the ground. So, They are ideal for children, to develop their ability to balance.

It is made entirely of bamboo and to prevent cracked it has been treated with honey, making this an entirely original bike.

wood-duomaticSomething far more complex is the bicycle BSG Wood.b Duomatic, where metal parts are combined with other materials such as plywood. From this firm ensure that the duration of this original bike is exceptional and although it has a weight of 16 kilos is very manageable.


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