The lightest electric bikes in the world

Although fashionable electric bikes it goes very slowly, are increasingly companies that are betting on this technology as the Irish firm Artik. They stand out as being completely different from those we know so far since the battery and motor are not outside but within the structure of the bicycle.

How are electric bikes Artik?

As we have said, this firm has decided to include battery and motor within the structure of the bicycle, this does not prevent it from providing a range of 70 approximately kilometers and all together in a weight of about 12 kilos approximately.

Since No longer They have confirmed that they will launch for the Spanish market several models designed not only for the city but also for the road and even the mountain.

Ensure that besides being the lightest electric bikes in the world, They are very similar to conventional. It is as if we have a classic model without anyone knowing that you have engine.

It will be the cyclist himself who is responsible for making the effort and for this the new models of this brand provide us with up to five levels ranging from being fully attended leaving the bicycle as any other.

What models offered are the Classic Diamond City Bike, for those who opt for quiet routes and walks. La Classic Diamond Road Bike, for those who opt for road cycling, more demanding, and Diamond Mountain Bike Classic, for the more adventurous.

The handicap is found, as usual, in the price, as ranging from € 2490 to the 3740 €, prices are certainly prohibitive for many pockets, slowly but surely they will go down when the business of electric bikes is somewhat less innovative or have more brands that are committed to them.

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