The route of the Highway Friendship

Among the many cycling routes today there, we can highlight one of the most dangerous in the world, which it is done in Friendship Highway, in Asia. This is an impressive route linking the Tibetan city of Lhasa and Nepal border, which it provides a view of one of the most stunning mountain scenery in the world.

It is a path 800 kilometers that includes three steps over 5.000 meters high, where they reach the 5.220, which makes pedaling at this point is a complete handicap for all runners, especially when it is driving near mountain Gyatso, from where you can have some amazing views of Everest.

The physical state should be to make Highway route Friendship It has to be very good and not everyone is ready, or for escalations that requires nor everyone has enough lung capacity to make this path without faltering effort.

On this route planning it is very important because weather conditions can change when you least expected. To this must be added the delicate situation that is going on Tibet, so it is recommended to do this route solo.

One of the strengths of this route is the final part, which ends with a steep descent over 3.500 meters, on a road with sharp curves bordering a precipice.
There is no doubt that this is one of the most impressive routes, to live a unique experience high mountain, in which we must not forget to bring a camera or video and record every pedal stroke because no one will forget an experience how are you.

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