The first round the world cycling


Today there are countless cycling routes and marches and even, for the more adventurous and better prepared are the major crossings such as cycling around the world, something only fail to complete those who have better preparation, adventurous spirit and are ready to face any situation that may arise in their path.

This may seem modern but when we talk about to circumnavigate the world by bicycle we must go back to its pioneer, Thomas Stevens, who in 1884, no bicycles or advances there today, He performed this feat, crowned as the first person to do so, He is the pioneer of what is now known as cicloturismo.

His departure made from San Francisco, in the state of California, towards Sacramento, through the mountains of Sierra Nevada to go towards the states of Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and all the states of central and northern United States up to Boston, using paths, roads and railways to get, thus realizing the first transcontinental trip.

After that he came to Europe and had to work for get a better bike. Recall that he wore was a classic bike with a huge wheel in front and a smaller one at the rear. During his stay in Europe he was studying how would the trip to Asia until he could finally get going.

He traveled Anatolia, Armenia, Kurdistan, E Iran Iraq, where he was a special guest of the Shah of Persia to spend the winter, He traveled to Afghanistan where he was expelled pors authorities, He traveled by boat to India where he toured the whole country to Calcutta where he sailed to Hong Kong ara keep pedaling and finally take another boat to reach Japan, to cross it and reach the city of Yokohama, where he would return to San Francisco 1886, having done 21.700 kilometers.

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